3000 to 1

Are you ready to work 10,000 hours to create a hit song?
That's the ratio of songs you have to create to get one hit in the charts!
Song writing is a daunting task. One's love for music has to be genuine.

One’s determination has to be solid, even fanatical. Hence the word: Fan!
Looking at my song registration page at BMI.com, I’m up to about 300 songs that I’ve written and composed over the years.
So, looking at this metric, I’m only 10% there. Depressing really.
But don’t be deterred I say and keep on writing. Maybe you’re lucky and one day you find that one melody, that one song that will make it.
The math maybe against you, but you’re intuition maybe dead on.
So, good luck with writing and most of all, become a FAN of your own work.

Martin Nethercutt